Migration impAct assessment To enhance Integration and Local Development in European rural and mountain regions

MATILDE is a European research project, funded by the European Commission, which examines how international migration affects local development and cohesion in European rural and mountain areas. In Sweden, Dalarna county constitutes the case study and the research is carried out by Uppsala University and Dalarna University, with support from Region Dalarna. We also collaborate with municipalities in Dalarna; it is in the municipalities that development happens, where the policy is to be implemented and where people live their everyday lives. In the municipalities, there are individuals with a migrant background as well as individuals with other backgrounds and experiences - and all these experiences constitutes the basis for enhanced knowledge.

The project started in February 2020 and is expected to run until 2023. With a special focus on rural and mountain areas, field studies are carried out that aim to investigate the development potential that can be related to international migration, as well as identify obstacles and problems. MATILDE focuses on both a social and an economic dimension and addresses issues of changes in the social structure (demographic trends, social polarization or inclusion, civic participation, provision of services, etc.) as well as positive and negative effects of migration (labor force, economic growth, entrepreneurship and sustainability). This assignment also includes considering how different political guidelines and governing documents are perceived and handled at the local level.

Researchers included in this project at Uppsala University:
Susanne Stenbacka (local project leader)
Tina Mathisen

Researchers previously engaged in the project:
Jan Amcoff
Micheline van Riemsdijk

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