Research groups

Research at the department is characterized by considerable thematic, theoretical and methodological breadth. We currently have four research groups or ‘clusters’, and most of the research carried out in the department falls into one of these thematic categories. Researchers at the department are typically active in more than one group. The groups are:

  • Environment and Landscapes: Interested in landscape transformation and meaning, environmental challenges, and the connections between them

  • Global Processes and Local Worlds: Focused on the reciprocal relations between global or transnational processes and institutions on the one hand, and locals places and actors on the other

  • Place and Identity: Concerned to understand the social, material and emotional contexts in which places and identities interact and shape one another

  • Space and Economies: Preoccupied with the spatial configurations and dynamics of economic life, and the economic nature of places and regions
  • Applied Spatial Analysis: The group specializes in cutting-edge spatial research within human and physical geography, mainly using quantitative methods and geographic information science

Cross-cutting these thematic foci are both historical and contemporary perspectives and a range of theoretical and methodological specialisms, the latter including a vibrant community of scholars using GIS and advanced spatial analysis.

Last modified: 2023-10-23