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 John Östh


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Member of faculty, senior lecturer in Geography with GIS [Docent och lektor i Geografi med GIS] @ the department of Human Geography, Uppsala University.

Research profile

My primary research interest is oriented towards Spatial Analysis and GIS, software development and quantitative analysis in population and economic geography with special focus on demography and migration, school choice and labour market opportunities, and more recently also the geography of human interaction on the Internet and through mobile phone usage.

   My software project EquiPop has now (summer 2015) got users in 22 countries (EquiPop is a software-program developed for the calculation of k-nearest neighbourhoods/contexts. The software is specifically designed to work with datasets that contain thousands or millions of observations and offers viable solutions to Knn questions also where large areas and complex geographies are involved.) EquiPop can be downloaded from this webpage.

   International academic engagements and activities include membership in the newly formed Regional Science Academy and frequent participation in activities arranged by NECTAR and RSAI/ERSA/NARSC.

Teaching and supervision

Being employed as a senior lecturer in Geography and GIS means that much of my teaching is oriented towards methods and theories in GIS. Teaching usually consists of classes in GIS level 1 (15 credits, part of planning program) during autumns and GIS level 2 (15 credits, open to students with GIS level 1 experience - or similar) during spring. The GIS and spatial analsysis web-site can be found here.

   I supervise student essays on Swedish level C and master’s level – usually in GIS, spatial analysis and population geography. I currently supervise four PhD-students (see below).

Recent and current national and international PhD-courses that I teach include:


Recent (2015) and planned (2016) research presentations include

  • RGS 2015, Exeter, Studying patterns of socio-economic segregation using diurnal mobility of mobile-phone users in Sweden (Mohall, Östh, Niedomysl and Shuttleworth)
  • AAG 2015, session organizer for New Methods for Measuring Segregation 1 & 2 (Sponsored by Population Specialty Group) with presentations:
    • A neighbourhood’s neighbours matter’: spill-over neighbourhood effects using individualised, scalable neighbourhood in Stockholm, Sweden (EQUIPOP) (Emily Miltenburg, Sako Musterd, Kati Kadarik, John Östh)

    • Spatial Integration in Sweden - a longitudinal study of variation in integration among immigrants to Sweden. (Kati kadarik, John Östh)

    • Relevant spatial scales for ethnic integration, the case of Sweden. (Kati kadarik, John Östh)

  • XIII NECTAR International Conference 2015 (Ann Arbor), RESILIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY:
    A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE NETHERLANDS AND SWEDEN, (John Östh, Aura Reggiani, Peter Nijkamp)

  • Eleventh Winter School on Inequality and Social Welfare Theory (IT11) Geography and Inequality

  • Regional Science Academy meeting KTH, (Jan 2016), ‘It’s a Small World’ Big Data and Beyond, with presentation: Is big beautiful?

  • NECTAR cluster 8 and Mobile Tartu 2016 meeting in Estonia (June 2016)

    • John Östh, Aura Reggiani, Laurie Schintler, Can the mobility of phones be used to depict the spatial organization of regions?

    • Mohall, Östh, Niedomysl and Shuttleworth, Segregation and mobility: exploring economic segregation in Sweden's metropolitan areas using mobile phone data

  • NECTAR cluster 6, Regional Science Academy meeting Paris, (June 2016), Martina Dolciotti, John Östh, Aura reggiani, peter Nijkamp, (social capital and accessibility - titel yet to be determined)



Peer review papers

Peer Review papers in National Journals

Editorial material

Book chapters, reports etc (selection)

  • Shuttleworth, I., Östh, J. & Niedomysl, T. (2017), Trends in Swedish internal migration from 1991: Evidence from public registers, in ED. Tony Champion, Thomas Cooke, and Ian Shuttleworth, Are We Becoming Less Mobile? Transnational Perspectives through Time on Internal Migration in Advanced Countries, Ashgate International Population Series
  • Amcoff, J., Mohall, M., Waxell, A., Östh, J.(2015). Detaljhandelns förändrade geografi.Rapport (Working Papers in Geography, 1)

In media (selection of appearances)

on job migration:

Software development projects

Current PhD-students:

  • Johanna Jokinen (UU)
  • Kati Kadarik (UU-IBF)
  • Michael Thelin (UU)
  • Karin Winter (KTH)
  • Marcus Mohall (UU)

Former Licentiat-students:


Work phone: +46 18 471 73 88

Mobile: +46 701 67 91 05

Skype: john.osth


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