National PhD courses

National Program for Doctoral Courses in Human Geography

The National Program for Doctoral Courses in Human Geography was established in 1997. It aims to:
Offer courses for Sweden’s PhD students in human geography, with instructors from Sweden and abroad
Give all of our PhD students the benefit of expertise outside one’s home department
Allow PhD students to meet senior researchers as well as their colleagues from other departments

An average of four courses are offered per year, some of which are regularly recurring. The selection of doctoral courses is made by a steering committee consisting of representatives of each participating department. The group is currently led (since 2022) by Associate Professor David Jansson, Department of Human Geography, Uppsala University.

Courses that are included in the program usually comprise 7.5 ECTS credits, and course meetings take place on two or three occasions to limit travel expenses (occasionally a course will be offered as a week-long experience). The costs incurred for participating doctoral students are paid by their respective departments.

If places are available, courses are also open for postgraduate students in other disciplines, but course fees may apply (contact the course organizer).

Departments in the National Program:

Unit for Human Geography, University of Gothenburg
Department of Geography, Media and Communication, Karlstad University
Department of Human Geography, Lund University
Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University
Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University
Department of Geography, Umeå University
Department of Human Geography, Uppsala University
Unit of Human Geography, Örebro University

National listserv for PhD students in human geography in Sweden

The PhD students in human geography at Uppsala University have created a listserv for all PhD students in the subject in Sweden. The purpose is to provide increased opportunities for networking and information exchange across departmental boundaries. If you are a PhD student in human geography in Sweden and want to be added to the listserv, or have questions about it, contact Olivia Butler ( or Adam Lundberg (

National PhD Courses in Human Geography 2024

Five doctoral courses are planned for 2024, two in the spring and three in the fall. (Course descriptions will be added soon.) All dates are preliminary.

Research Frontiers in Economic Geography
8-9 February, 7-8 March, 10-12 April.
Organizers: Uppsala University, Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Umeå University.
Course description (PDF)
Contact: Karl-Johan Lundqvist, e-mail: or Markus Grillitsch, e-mail:, Lund University
Application deadline: 1 December 2023

Landscape and Labor
20-24 May.
Organizers: Uppsala University, Lund University, Mid Sweden University.
Course description (PDF)
Contact: Don Mitchell, Uppsala University, e-mail:
Application deadline: 1 March 2024

Time-geography: Theoretical Approach, Notation System and Methods
4-6 September, 11-13 November.
Organizers: University of Gothenburg, Linköping University, Jönköping University.
Course description (PDF) 
Contact: Eva Thulin, University of Gothenburg, e-mail:
Application deadline: 15 June 2024

Development Geographies: Current Debates
18-20 September, 6-8 November.
Organizers: University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University.
Course description (PDF)
Contact: Kanchana N Ruwanpura, University of Gothenburg, e-mail:
Application deadline: 15 maj 2024 Application

Previous Courses in the National Program

Rural Transformations and Social Movements in the 21st Century Course description (PDF)
Classics in Theories of Space and Place Course description (PDF)
Feminist Geographies Course description (PDF)

Economic Geography (Course Description)
Landscape and History (Course Description)
Class and the City (Course Description)
Regional Development – Nordic Perspectives (Course Description)
Development Geographies – Current Debates (Course Description)

Classics in Spatial Theory
Time Geography
Future Geographies

Economic Geography

Classics in Spatial Theory
Feminist Geographies
Topics in Political Geography
Agrarian Transformation under Modernization
Urban Rage in the Urban Age: Crisis and the Transformation of Cities

Qualitative Methods
Global Urbanism
Landscape and Production

Economic Geography
Political Geography
Time Geography
Media Geographies

Housing, the City and Justice
Landscape and Identity

Global Urbanism                                                                                                      
Economic Geography                                                                         
Time Geography

Mobility, Security and Space                                                                                   
Landscape and Modernity                                                                  
Political Geography

Social Theory and Geography                                                            
Economic Geography                                                                         
Development, Livelihoods and Rural-urban Interaction
Gender Theory and Spatial Understanding                                        

Urban Conflict and Urban Justice                                                      
Landscape and Resources                                                                   
Remote Sensing for Social Scientists                           

Mobility, Security and Space                                                                                   
Economic Geography                                                                         
Qualitative Methods                                                                           

Landscape and Justice                                                                        
Time Geography                                                                                                      
Gender Theory and Spatial Understanding                                        
Mobility in Time and Space

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