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Drönarbild över Uppsala domkyrka med omnejd

The period of acceptance is May for the academic year starting in September. Detailed information regarding the application process is published on this site's home page when new doctoral positions are announced.

The doctoral program is designed as four years of full-time studies. In terms of the Swedish university credit system, the program comprises of 240 credits (1.5 credit = 1 week of study, 30 credits = 1 semester of full-time study). There are two main components of the program: course work (60 credits) and work in connection with the PhD dissertation, including seminars, theoretical work, data collection of different kinds, problem analysis, thesis authorship and supervision  by highly qualified tutors (180 credits). Faculty funding normally finances the PhD positions; however some positions may also be linked to specific research programs and projects and that have a particular focus. 

Qualifications expected

To be considered for admission to PhD studies in Human Geography, the applicant must have completed at least a bachelor´s degree or the equivalent to 240 Swedish university credits (including at least 60 credits at an advanced level) from a recognized university or third level institution. 

Specific entry requirements for admission to postgraduate studies in Human Geography are that the completion of an equivalent to 90 Swedish university credits in Human Geography, or other academic qualifications assessed by the recruitment committee to be of an equivalent level. Applicants who completed undergraduate studies by 1 July 2007 in Sweden with at least 120 ‘old’ Swedish university credits will be considered eligible until 31 June 2015.

Criteria for assessing applications to the PhD program


The majority of doctoral candidates have doctoral studentships financed by the university. There are also candidates who are funded by research councils and other organizations. Such outside funding can take the form of studentships or stipends. The source of financing must be established at the time of admission to the doctoral program.

General information

PhD candidates can be expected to assist with applications for external project funding. PhD candidates are provided with their own workplace, computer, and some research expenses, and will have access to excellent research resources and libraries. The Department is international in focus and PhD theses can be authored in English or Swedish. A number of doctoral courses and many seminars are held in English. Our PhD theses can either take the form of monographs or a minor collection of papers for publication in high quality refereed international journals.


For more information, please contact: Associate Professor David Jansson, director of postgraduate studies


tel: +46 (0)18-471 2518