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Geography as a separate discipline was established at Uppsala University in the year 1901. In the 1940's the subject was divided into two separate branches of physical and human geography. Human geography, in Swedish referred to as kulturgeografi or samhällsgeografi (Geography of Society), studies the relations and presence of phenomena that can be associated with human activities.

Visiting address:

Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, 4th floor (Ekonomikum), Uppsala

Postal address:

Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Study administration:

Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2535
Email: studier@kultgeog.uu.se

Department Head:

Micheline van Riemsdijk
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2543
Email: micheline.vanriemsdijk@kultgeog.uu.se

Deputy department head:

Johan Jansson
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2542
Email: johan.jansson@kultgeog.uu.se

Director of undergraduate studies:

Peeter Maandi
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 6357
Email: peeter.maandi@kultgeog.uu.se

Director of Phd studies:

David Jansson
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2518
Email: david.jansson@kultgeog.uu.se

Geography education coordinator:

Johan Bonow
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 6358
Email: johan.bonow@kultgeog.uu.se

Coordinator for the Bachelor program in social sciences:

Maja Lagerqvist
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2540
Email: maja.lagerqvist@kultgeog.uu.se

Coordinator for the bachelor program in urban and regional planning

Johan Jansson
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2542
Email: johan.jansson@kultgeog.uu.se

Coordinator for the Bachelor's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning - Environment, Resources and Globalisation

Tom Mels
Phone: +46 (0)18-471-8351
Email: tom.mels@kultgeog.uu.se

Catalogue administration:

Eva Borgert
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 1482
Email: eva.borgert@kultgeog.uu.se

HR officer:

Eva Borgert
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 1482
Email: eva.borgert@kultgeog.uu.se

Finance officer:

Lena Dahlborg
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 2528
Email: Lena.Dahlborg@kultgeog.uu.se


Lovisa Jonsson
Phone:  +46 (0)18-471 2535
Email: studier@kultgeog.uu.se

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